23 April 2012

White Castle Skateboard Stunts

I'm not certain we'll ever see another issue of John Sakkis' White Castle Skateboard Stunts, but I'm totally okay with it given that this first (and possibly last?) issue would be difficult to follow up.

This mailer totally captures the power of the one-off magazine while highlighting the possibilities inherent in creating conversation between two pretty different projects under one roof. It opens with sections of David Brazil's Economy, followed by what I take to be notebook pages / visual poems / word drawings by Sakkis: totally punk rock Bob Grenier handwritten poems. I kind of love them. And one of my favorite aspects of this mag is that it retains the canary-yellow paper from Both Both: totally a Sakkis signature. Find two pages from both authors above.

And while I'm on the subject, I'd love to see more folks publishing magazines that formally respond to the work they publish. Which is to say that I wish more folks should subscribe to the Ryan Murphy school of publishing which sees the medium itself (and the book or magazine "label") shift with each new iteration. Rather than simply announce an aesthetic formality, the design could enter into dialogue with the work it promises to promote on the compositional level. And if you're like me and you'd rather come up with band names than actually play in a band, the fluidity allows one to put more ideas into play. The goal of many magazine editors seems to be to create a lasting editorial arc (which is totally great, of course), but I wonder if the ever-mutating, completely inconsistent magazine publishing venture wouldn't help to actually showcase the work at hand? (rather than, say, legacy).

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