07 May 2012

Now Available: Eleni Stecopoulos' Daphnephoria

I'm super excited to announce the release of a new Compline chapbook, Eleni Stecopoulos's Daphnephoria. Over the course of the year, I hope to print completely letterpress micro-run chapbooks as a way to highlight brand new work by some of my favorite poets while also raising money for more expensive full-length projects. My plan is to treat these books as press fundraisers: to make them using mostly recyclable material completely by hand, while selling them for a ludicrously cheap price to inspire interest and support from local poetry communities.

Eleni Stecopoulos is the author of the totally wonderful Palm Press long-player Armies of Compassion, and the world's foremost expert of the Poetics of Healing (according to me!). By purchasing this book, you'll get a glimpse at what Eleni's currently working on (like, right now!) while directly helping to support the next two Compline projects; the long-awaited edition of Leslie Scalapino and Kiki Smith's The Animal is in the World like Water in Water and David Brazil's first full-length collection, Economy. And to make it even more appealing, I've decided to try a two-price model: if you live in the Bay Area and you can get the book from me personally, it will only cost you $5 (I know!! Nuts, right?! This is the price of a coffee drink these days!). If you'd like the book shipped (even if you're local), it will cost you $8. This is not, of course, to punish friends and colleagues living out of state, but to try to keep the price down for folks I might see in person around town. It is also to inspire us to actually say hello to each other and share a moment of camaraderie in an otherwise completely inhospitable world!

I'd also like to make it easy to give these books as gifts to friends (and they're worth it, I'm telling you!), so buy one for a friend and I'll include a little personal note from you! This might be the perfect time to remind someone you're thinking about them by sending them a badass chapbook in the mail!

Also, it's a super short run, so get it while you can!

So, if you'd like to get the book from me in person (at a reading, or at my house, or at some clandestine location), and you'd like to spend $5 to get something rad while supporting the work I do with the press, click the button below:
If you'd like me to send the book to you, and you're willing to spend $8 of your hard-earned money to support often-not-super-commercially-viable poetries (!!), click the button below:
Spread the word, please, to friends and family! We appreciate the support!

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  1. fantastic M.! going to grab one next time I see you...