01 July 2012


I'm totally playing catch up in documenting the many things I've loved these past few months; one mag in particular is always a personal favorite, and this issue is no exception: I totally heart Monica Peck's super low-fi and totally mighty RAGTAG. I'd like to believe she made this issue specifically for my class at USF, as I asked for something to distribute to students and this one showed up in my mailbox, but either way, this was a big hit in class! New work from Evan Kennedy, Ted Rees, and Erin Morrill, featuring totally shimmery psychadelic back pages with hot pink duct tape for binding (the tape color changes for each issue). As far as I know, these are always free, so interested parties should send Monica an email at peckmonica (at) gmail. I get the sense that simply showing interest is payment enough for Peck, so send love her way so she keeps this crucial enterprise going. The Bay Area is running low on critical ecologies like this...

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  1. yeah! i loved this - thanks to the oo free skool library