11 February 2013

Marianne Morris || Iran Documents

I first came across Marianne Morris's writing through a fantastic Punch Press chapbook called So Few Richards, So Many Dicks, a maddeningly short work that immediately piqued my curiosity; the other day David Brazil handed off this new Trafficker Press chapbook, Iran Documents, and I've been fairly obsessed since, rereading these first two poems over and over with the feeling that I'm just on the cusp of really understanding them. There's a killer interview with Brazil at the end that provides useful context, in which he asks the hard-hitting and impossible to answer questions: "...for those of us in the streets or otherwise attempting to engage in praxis where does art stand, in what relation?" No pressure! The interview can be read in full here at the Trafficker website if you need convincing, but after reading these two you shouldn't need convincing...

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