26 September 2013

CAConrad's Act Like Polka Dot on Minnie Mouse's Skirt

New CAConrad out on Brian Teare's Albion. You can probably tell that I scanned these quick between other obligations, but it suddenly felt urgent that folks get reading these poems immediately. "maybe he  / hates my / poems but  / my poems are / fucking awesome." Yes, indeed. Conrad's poems always give me this overwhelming sense of possibility and potential. This time around, since I'm in the midst of baby raising, it felt like a cooling balm to read "tell them their / future happiness / depends entirely / on how well they / cultivate rebellion against / any structure which / does not hold their / autonomy and / creative intelligence as a priority." This is maybe my one dogmatic parenting strategy. Conrad is the kind of poet every baby should read; I'm placing this on Ezzy's lowest shelf for easy access. Get it here.

And while I'm on the subject of cultivating rebellion in children, here's Ezzz reading Mike Kelley / Destroy All Monsters and flipping through Agnes Martin. These are baby photos even Ted Rees can get behind!

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