19 November 2013

Some Pictures from the Kocik Launch (and Something Completely Different!)

Supple Science arriving at Small Press Distribution

John Sakkis in the warehouse modeling

The Brick!

It's nearly 500 pages!

Ezzy on BART

Getting ready for Robert's arrival

Sara Larsen, Alana Siegel, and Stephen Novotny

Robert and Daria Fain performing a choral piece

David Brazil's signature move of climbing on things and singing (usually about God)!

Thank you to everyone for stopping by the Kocik launch yesterday. Hope to see you at his talk at the public school next week (Monday, 11/25). Preorders go out tomorrow, and the book is officially available through our website now; otherwise, you can pick it up through SPD sometime next week?

In the meantime, here is a final, totally unrelated photo of Laura Woltag and Alana Siegel at their reading on Halloween at the Public School (w/ the great David Abel). Since I'm not on Facebook, this incredible image is new to me, and it's simply too good to keep to myself! Alana and I were planning an intricate birthday ritual involving birds (and driving everyone into the woods in a flatbed truck), but I ended up missing the event altogether. This image makes me regret that fact even more! (spirit animal breastplates by Brenda Iijima!).

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