04 April 2014

David James Miller on The Katechon

I feel incredibly lucky to point you, dear reader, to a super smart article at Drunken Boat in which David James Miller places my poem The Katechon in the context of black metal (where it certainly belongs!!).

He writes: "In looking toward a future in which a political (and biblical) katechon has been removed, through a necessary release of chaos, a ‘hope’ of a kind simultaneously arrives, one in which the presence of his poem and the act of its writing posits the possibility of redemption. This would certainly seem to be against all the ideological underpinnings of black metal, but isn’t this what they were really all about: asserting that the present is not enough, that there’s something else available, even if it’s not immediate?"

I was also pleased to see David mention the great St. Louis band Grand Ulena, which, I was suprised to learn, featured his friend Danny McClain on drums. I learned about the band through its bass player, Darin Gray, who played in one of my favorite bands of all time, The Dazzling Killmen (as well as other seminal Skin Graft bands like You Fantastic!, Brise-Glace, and Yona-Kit). Grand Ulena were short-lived and pretty great, and they deserve way more attention; as such, you should check out the YouTube clips when you read David's generous article here.

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