04 August 2010

Damn the Caesars || Rich Owens

My boy Rich Owens is on ANOTHER hot streak; when this dude heads into the shop he leaves with handfulls of beautifully designed and executed print objects, and this current batch is no exception. Just opened a package containing Carrie Etter's Divinations, Marianne Morris's "So Few Richards, So Many Dicks," Dale Smith's "Josiah Wilbarger: 1833," and the new Damn the Caesars (featuring new work by Keston Sutherland, Mike Basinski, Allen Fisher, and Emily Critchley, among others). Rich's editorial work is super careful and intentional, and he always champions work that I might not read otherwise. I totally respect his project, and I'm hoping we'll see even more from the press as he and Kara and CeCe move to Maine. Word on the street is Rich will have a full-on print shop in his new house in Scarborough, so we can expect more soon: check it out here http://damnthecaesars.org/.

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