24 August 2010

Kirby & Amadeus

These dudes are our new foster puppies, and sadly, both have demodectic mange, which means their immune systems have been compromised and, as a result, skin mites are eating away their fur! Some shelters euthanize puppies with mange, especially the sarcoptic (contagious) kind, which is especially tragic as demodectic mange is an easily curable condition with some time and medicated shampoo and ivermectin from an eye-dropper. Katja's been giving these guys a ton of TLC, and as a result they should be good as new in a few of weeks time. Which is to say, they'll be on the market for a new home if you're interested in a super spastic furball or a surprisingly calm and gentle mutt!

And this is as good a time as any to plug Katja's blog Rebound Hounds, if you're interested in learning more about the rotating cast of characters that come through our apartment door...

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