13 October 2010

Heavy Rotation

Date Palms / On Psalms (Root Strata)

Contemporary Indian Ragas drenched in  minimalist drone. Comprised of Gregg Kowalsky (of Tape Chants fame) and Marielle Jackobsons (of Darwinsbitch). Both Mills composers from a few years back...Vinyl only...

Salem / King Night (IAMSOUND)

Damaged "Witch House"? I hate the trendy label but certainly ghostly for sure, buried in cough-syrup-drenched screwed beats with layers and layers of choral voices? Or something?

Expressway Yo Yo Dieting / Bubblethug (Weird Forest)

The dude from Indignant Senality (the guy who made those records for Type sampling only dusty Wagner records) returns with another chopped and screwed WAYYYYYYYYYYYY slowed down and totally deconstructed dj mix (I guess?). One of my favorite records of the year so far...

Swans / My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to Heaven (Young God)

Equally as brutal as, say, Cop or Filth (well, maybe not THAT brutal), but featuring more fully developed song writing chops. Way better than circa 80s Swans FOR SURE!

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