04 October 2010

Some Poems by Andrew Rippeon

As a follow-up to my post on P-QUEUE, I thought to mention that editor Andrew Rippeon is also a very, very skilled poet, though there's little public material to read (a deeply troubling fact that promises to correct itself if younger editors do their jobs and figure out who they should print!). I've included the two pieces I have: the Vigilance Society edition of Rippeon's Priest, and a short-run broadside of some stanzas from FLIGHTS. Rippeon's modesty is simultaneously enduring and maddening, so if you're interested in obtaining a copy of  P-QUEUE or one of these stunning print objects, you'll have to be in touch directly here: arippeon {at} buffalo {dot} edu. Click the arrow in the top-right corner to see full-screen.


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