02 February 2011

New E-Books by Stephen Ratcliffe

I've been hard at work on a short critical piece on Stephen Ratcliffe's Reading the Unseen: (Offstage) Hamlet (Counterpath, 2010), and I was reminded that his crucial long poems (thousands of pages of them, actually) are now available online.

You can find Remarks on Color/Sound at Craig Dworkin's Eclipse here.

You can also read Cloud/Ridge and Human/Nature over at Kenny Goldsmith's special feature "Publishing the Unpublishable" on UbuWeb.

Eventually folks will get the picture that Ratcliffe is way ahead of the curve in investigating the relationship between minimalism and maximalism as they relate to the 21st-century long poem. In fact, I'd argue he's just about the only poet writing today thinking about this question. Read 20 or so pages of Human/Nature once a day for a month, and then listen to a ton of Phill Niblock and see if you can tell the difference. Don't sleep...

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