31 January 2011


I received this totally satisfying photocopied newsletter in the mail a few days back, edited by the Delete Press crew (or at least by Delete Press member Jared Schickling). Issue #1 of Ecolinguistics is seriously no nonsense: ten pages of jam-packed material from all kinds of interesting writers including John Bloomberg-Rissman, Patrick Dunagan, Brandon Shimoda, Nate Pritts, and others. Click on the images above to read "Disconnected Lines on Class Politics (for Sean Bonney)" by Rich Owens and a page featuring "Intelligence and Environment" by Tyrone Williams and "Excerpts from 11 Realms of Infinity" by Chuck Richardson. I was really pleased to receive this in the post, and I highly recommend requesting your own copy at ecolinguistics[at]hotmail{dot}com.

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