04 March 2011

Some Murmurs from The Somatics, Movement, and Writing Conference

I've been desperate to hear word from the Somatics, Movement, and Writing conference organized by Petra Kuppers and Thom Donovan at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor weekend before last. Rob Halpern, Eleni Stecopoulos, Robert Kocik, Brenda Iijima, Brian Whitener, Bhanu Kapil, Petra, Thom and others gathered together to "engage in experimental writing and art practice at the sites/cites of the moving, living body and the moving living text." While it sounds like participants are still reeling from the experience, Thom's posted a suite of photos here and Bhanu has a series of really beautiful notes here (which include the following: "Rob Halpern said: 'Imagine a part of your body, an organelle, placed in the center of a social space, a space you bring to mind.'" Boy, do I miss Rob!). Eleni promises to post notes at Poetics of Healing soon, so hopefully we'll hear more about this crucial conference...

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