18 March 2011

Tonight's SPT Event Cancelled // Divya Victor moved to Sunday!

I'm sorry to report that tonight's much-anticipated SPT event featuring Brian Kim Stefans, Divya Victor, and Meg Day has been cancelled due to unforseen venue conflicts. However, we promised the world Divya Victor, and we're giving the world Divya Victor! Local hero Erin Morrill is hosting Julian Brolaski and Lindsey Boldt at her crib this Sunday, and she gratiously added Divya to the bill! Now the proper-ness of this reading has exponentially increased, adding additional grandeur and radness to the East Bay's already grand and rad legacy. Which is to say, you should totally stop by Erin's house on Sunday for the event (more info to follow at the end of this (slightly hysterical) missive!).

AND, as if this lineup weren't enough, AMAZING PRINTER and all around awesome dude Aaron Cohick of New Lights Press printed a kind of sublime (and really hard to describe!) broadside for Divya which we're selling for only $5 (!!!) to raise monies for SPT (detail above).

With more energy, I would extol the virtues of all three of these wunderkinds. But because I haven't slept in awhile, here's the short version: if you were planning to go to Timkin Hall tonight for the reading, you've already made your first mistake. If you were planning to go to SPT's Mackey Hall in Oakland instead, you were on the right track, but now the reading's been cancelled. As such, you should go to Erin's on Sunday instead and see the truly unimpeachable lineup of Julian Brolaski, Lindsey Boldt, and Divya Victor. THEN, you should buy Aaron's badass broadside for Divya to support Div. and Aaron and SPT. Then you should go to New Lights Press and learn all about Aaron and his press, and then you should find everything by Divya you can, including SUTURES which you can download for free over at Little Red Leaves.

And then you should catch up on all of this info below:

Julian Brolaski, Lindsey Boldt, and Divya Victor
The New Front Row reading Series
1445 Lakeside Drive #202 Oakland
Sunday, 3/20
5pm doors (homemade soup)
6:30pm reading

Come hear poetry and some sing along style in this laid back lakeside house reading. There will be soup. BYOB (for real) BYOB

Julian T. Brolaski lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches in New York.
gowanus atropolis=new book from ugly duckling
Juan and the Pines=new band

Lindsey Boldt lives in San Francisco, CA but will soon be migrating to the East Bay, does work with Post Apollo Press, runs Summer BFF chapbooks w/ Steve Orth.


Divya Victor lives in Buffalo, where she is a doctoral candidate at SUNY Buffalo’s Poetics Program. She has two new chapbooks: SUTURES (Little Red Leaves Press) and Hellocasts by Charles Reznikoff by Divya Victor by Vanessa Place (ood press). Recently, she was invited by Les Figues to perform and install her work HELLOCASTS, based on transcripts of the Eichmann and Nuremberg trials, at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibit (L.A.C.E), where she was artist in residence.

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