23 March 2013


We still need approximately 50 people to step up and support Compline by preordering David Brazil's the ordinary and Jackqueline Frost's The Antidote before they're released in May/June. As such, David and I collaborated to sweeten the deal. If you order both Jackqueline and David's books for $25, you'll receive a brand new Brazil chapbook entitled Holy Ghost III & Holy Ghost IV FOR FREE (along with an additional free Compline publication of your choice). That means you'll receive two long-players and two chapbooks for only $25 (not bad, huh?!). Holy Ghost III & Holy Ghost IV will not be available for purchase separately. You can only secure a copy through this preorder deal. If you've already ordered the books, rest assured: you will receive this chapbook in addition to your other books. If you haven't, we only made enough to cover the first 125 preorders, so get your order in NOW and support small press publishing! Click here to order and thanks for your support!

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