12 March 2013


I'm involved (in one way or another!) in two HUGE poetry events this month. The first is a Compline fundraiser for the Hearts Desire Reading Series, the poetry-reading-arm of the Bay Area Public School. Jackqueline Frost and David Brazil will both read in support of their forthcoming Compline full-lengths, and Evan Kennedy will join them in support of his soon-to-be-in-the-world Krupskaya joint. Preorders for Compline projects will gratefully be accepted, and there may or may not be a free chapbook for folks in attendance (we're still working on this detail!). The pertinent info: Thursday, 3/21 at the new Public School space (2141 Broadway, Oakland), 8pm. Download the poster above and post it everywhere you travel digitally!

The second event is also a fundraiser, but this for Small Press Traffic. I've been curating these "pop-up" events with a dual purpose in mind: while we pass the hat around for SPT we're also helping to put up visiting writers while they're in town. This reading celebrates the return of Jennifer Scappettone to the Bay Area, future Compline author and all around interesting thinker and writer and person. It's been a long while since she's read in the Bay Area, and we're lucky to have her (if only for a night!). Sharing the bill is newly local (maybe?) Marianne Morris, whose Iran Documents (Trafficker) I've recently fallen in love with, along with one of my favorite poets/people of all time (and tireless supporter of Bay Area poetry through her Krupskaya), Jocelyn Saidenberg. This promises to be a super badass event, so DON'T MISS IT! We've made it a 9 pm late show so we don't overlap with Julie Patton, Andrew Levy, and Mark Wallace earlier in the evening at the Poetry Center. Can't wait for both! Please help to distribute the poster to help spread the word!

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