25 February 2014

4 New Articles at ON!

Thom Donovan and I are pleased to announce four new articles in ON's PDF Archive series. Don't sleep: these are killer contributions to the project. 

Here's the lineup:

David Buuck's Converted Storefront: A Performance for cris cheek
Stephen Collis's Poetry in Protest
Elisabeth Workman's Fakefurcraft Versus Statecraft: Towards a Bardo Poetics
Jeanine Webb's "Weak Intimacy," Celebrity and Bay Area Poetics

And if you missed the last round, check out this constellation:

Dodie Bellamy's The Feraltern
Andrew Durbin's "The Only Way I Know U Is From a Screen": on Justin Bieber's Beauty and a Beat
Norma Cole's "A Formal Type of Work": Rereading Emmanuel Hocquard
Andy Martrich's Deaccessioning the Mansionstream: on brnt ghst vlnt
Brett Price's The New York School: on Naming

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