26 February 2014

See you at AWP?

Folks are probably totally sick of hearing about AWP already (and it's only just beginning)! That said, if you happen to be in or around Seattle this weekend, come say hello at one of the following events:

Leslie Scalapino Tribute Panel
Alicia Cohen, Michael Cross, Judith Goldman, Carla Harryman and Maryrose Larkin
Thursday, Feb. 27, 3-4 pm
Washington State Convention Center
Room 606

Compline/Cuneiform/Further Other Book Works/Textile Series reading
Charles Alexander, Sarah Campbell, Michael Cross, Julia Drescher, Paul Klinger, CJ Martin,
and Eleni Stecopoulos
(following a pretty stellar translation lineup from 4-5: see poster above)
Thursday, Feb. 27, 5-6 pm
Seattle Hilton, "Makani Room"
1301 6th Ave. 

Compline/Cuneiform/Further Other Book Works/Textile Series at the Book Fair
You can find us at tables K-19 and K-20. PS: I'm giving away a ton of stuff!

1 comment:

  1. Strange we didn't meet, as I was at AWP too, and a few of these events, but I don't actually know what you look like :(