23 May 2014

Sewing help, please!

If you live near the East Bay:

In a couple of weeks, I'll need 40 or so volunteers to help sew two signatures into approx. 400 covers. I'm just finishing David Brazil's Holy Ghost One + Two as a fundraising chapbook to reprint David's The Ordinary, and I'd like to get it into the world relatively quickly. Two questions: first, who's up to help (I'm happy to train anyone interested)? Secondly, where should we do it? We can meet at Compline HQ, but folks will probably need to drive (Fruitvale BART is closest, but it's a bit of a trek). How about the Public School? The breakroom at SPD?! Or other central locations in the East Bay? This will probably go down sometime between June 8th and June 14th...

Backchannel if you're interested: michaelthomascross_at_hotmail (yes, hotmail!) dot com.

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