07 May 2014

Zoe Tuck: Interview/Terror Matrix

Zoe Tuck is one of my favorite people, so I was super pleased to read this incredibly brave and moving interview with Sara Wintz (who's been killing it recently at Harriet). If you haven't seen Sara's recent interviews with women/genderqueer/non-cis poets, you can find new ones, including recently posted interviews with Marianne Morris and Cheena Marie Lo, up at Harriet.

Also, you should come to Zoe's reading on Friday to launch this new Timeless, Infinite Light chapbook, Terror Matrix. The T.I.L. folks are also doing super interesting work, most recently with Ivy Johnson and Emji Spero editions. Is Terror Matrix Zoe's first chap? If so, all the more reason to show up and support...

Here's the info:
Zoe Tuck (and others?)
Friday, May 9th // 8 pm
E.M. Wolfman General Interest Bookstore
410 13th St., Oakland

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