29 July 2014

Chap. XXIV by Craig Dworkin

This might be one of the most beautiful books I've ever owned! What's going on in Salt Lake City?! Tons of amazing book arts and poets converging, etc. Here's Craig Dworkin's contribution to Tristram Shandy from Red Butte Press. I don't know how to get one, as it's not listed on the website, but maybe if you write and ask nicely? This one's immediately finding its home on the top shelf...  


  1. On behalf of the Red Butte Press and Book Arts staff, with tremendous gratitude to Craig Dworkin, thank you for your kind words of appreciation. We have an amazing community here-- thanks, too, to Chris Dunsmore, Becky Williams Thomas, and Michelle Macfarlane for their contributions on this project! If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can email redbuttepress@utah.edu. Copies are $27 plus $1.85 tax and $5 shipping straight to you, for a total of $33.85.

  2. It's worth it! No question.