28 July 2014

Timeless, Infinite Light

It's almost always a great time to be a poet in Oakland, but the current constellation of folks residing in the East Bay boggles the mind. And with great people come great small presses and little magazines doing the work to capture a snapshot of this activity.

2014 might mark the busiest year of small press activity in the East Bay in, like, forever, what with the recent inauguration of Mess Editions, talk of a fledgling press connected to the Public School, and the recent incredible publications from Timeless, Infinite Light. Most everyone in the world has probably heard of the new anthology It's night in San Francisco but it's sunny in Oakland, but I thought to post some excerpts here as I read through it to entice folks to pick it up. You can already see the exquisite wear in my tattered copy (scanned above), mostly scarred as I stumbled through the East Bay Poetry Summit, granted; however, its wear should also speak to how often I dive in. I'm including scans here of a few favorite pages from the beginning: I especially love stanza #4 from Amy Berkowitz's "San Francisco Poem," and below that you'll find a page from Zoe Tuck's "Answering Machine." Get it here.

And folks love to talk shit about a "book trailer," but I've got to say that T.I.L. is making a super compelling case for why your press should have one! In fact, I'm going to go so far as to say that they invented this shit (though that's probably not true!). Someone at T.I.L. (Otis Pig?) is a branding wizard!

Timeless, Infinite Light Info Session (trans-temporal) from Timeless, Infinite Light on Vimeo.

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