30 June 2010

Shaangan Electro / GAMES / Eco Reader

I can't get over how good this new "Shangaan Electro" comp. is on Honest Jon (listen to some samples at Boomkat)...As if your old-school Casio keyboard was perpetually stuck on 300 BPM...and the dancing!...The comparisons to black metal are manifold, but I especially dig the deeply committed relationship to repetition and treble.

And this new track by Games, featuring Dan Lopatin from Oneohtrix Point Never and the dude from Tiger City. Imagine Kompakt records (especially The Field) crossed with DJ Screw. Essential.

And Chuck Stebalton sent evidence that Iijima's )((Eco)(Lang)(uage)(Reader)) is available at Milwaukee County's public library. I am willing to bet good money that this book isn't available at a single library (university or otherwise) in the Bay Area (and if I wasn't so tired, I'd prove it). The best part is that the subject librarian lists "Ecolinguistics" as a subject heading. What's in the water in Milwaukee County?

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  1. If it's true these things aren't in the libraries there, then even San Marcos is showing you up. Find these & 500+ other small press titles in our library these days (or in my house):


    Also this: http://catalog.library.txstate.edu/search~S1?/across%2C+michael/across+michael/1%2C3%2C11%2CB/exact&FF=across+michael&1%2C2%2C/indexsort=-