02 June 2010

Some things you should know about ON

First, On: Contemporary Practice has a new website (http://www.oncontemporaries.org/), where you'll find the entire first issue ready for your perusal, including the following:

Taylor Brady on Yedda Morrison
Brandon Brown on Dana Ward
CA Conrad & Brenda Iijima
Jason Christie on Michael DeBeyer
Michael Cross on Thom Donovan
Thom Donovan on Brenda Iijima
Eli Drabman on Michael Cross
Alan Gilbert on DJ/Rupture
Rob Halpern on Taylor Brady
Jen Hofer & Sawako Nakayasu
Andrew Levy on Arakawa & Gins
Edric Mesmer on Lauren Shufran and/or Mark Dickinson
Tenney Nathanson on Beverly Dahlen
Richard Owens on Dale Smith
Tim Peterson on kari edwards
Andrew Rippeon on C.J. Martin
Kyle Schlesinger on Emily McVarish
Jonathan Skinner on Julie Patton
Dale Smith on Hoa Nguyen
Alli Warren & Suzanne Stein
Katie Yates on Belle Gironda

Also, we're lauching the second issue in New York City this Friday, June 4th, at Book Thug Nation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The reading begins at 8pm sharp and features CA Conrad, Robert Dewhurst, Brenda Iijima, Robert Kocik, Evelyn Reilly, Michelle Taransky, and other special guests. Book Thug Nation is located at 100 N3rd St, between Berry St and Wythe Ave.

And if you haven't seena copy of ON: Contemporary Practice 2, it can be had at Small Press Distribution, our website (oncontemporaries.org), or at quality bookstores across the country. #2 features the following contributions:

Rosa Alcala on Mónica de la Torre
Stan Apps on Stephanie Young
Cara Benson on Susana Gardner
David Brazil on Brandon Brown
Laynie Brown on Lee Ann Brown
CA Conrad & Brenda Iijima
Corina Copp on Rodrigo Toscano & Poets Theater
Michael Cross on Judith Goldman & Jen Scappettone
Robert Dewhurst on Dorothea Lasky
Thom Donovan on Bhanu Kapil
Patrick James Dunagan on Edmund Berrigan, Jeff Karl Butler & John Coletti
Joel Felix on William Fuller
Robert Kocik on Stacy Szymaszek
Chris Martin on John Coletti
C.J. Martin on Rob Halpern
Laura Moriarty on Conceptualisms
Rich Owens on Flarf, Conceptualisms, & C.
Evelyn Reilly on Rosmarie Waldrop
Michelle Taransky on Stacy Szymaszek
Dan Thomas-Glass on Jasper Bernes & Bay Area Publishing
Robin Tremblay-McGaw on Jocelyn Saidenberg
Brian Whitener on Dolores Dorantes
Tyrone Williams on Erica Hunt

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