21 June 2010

This today...

from Lisa Robertson's spectacular poem "Of Mechanics in Rousseau's Thought" from R's Boat (UC Press, 2010):

The suppleness of these amusements


The Etruscan scrotum of clay beneath Perspex

The wrapped breasts of a hermaphrodite

Wished to anticipate


The padded wall

As loss

The wrongness is philosophical.

October's topmost wandy slim branch

Unsnarls the

Air versus what is

Public: the technology of habit

I awake into an original greediness

Into glossy persimmon-crested notebook called Sylvine

Into large creamy notebook with title Precious Ego

Into small blue-marbled notebook with powder-blue cotton spine

Bought in London, December, 1999

Glossy black notebook with red-ink-edged pages, water dampened

Into many sexes slowly pivoting like leaves

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  1. missed you tonight at Leslie's memorial, my friend...