31 July 2010

Leslie Scalapino's First Books

I just finished scanning Leslie's early chapbooks, and they can be read/downloaded now at her EPC homepage!

The following are available as full-color high rez PDFs:

O and Other Poems
(Berkeley: Sand Dollar, 1976)

The Woman Who Could Read the Minds of Dogs
(Berkeley: Sand Dollar,1976)

Instead of an Animal, drawings by Diane Sophia (Leslie's sister!)
(Cloud Maruder Press, 1978)

This eating and walking at the same time is associated all right
(Bolinas: Tombouctou, 1979)

These crucial documents capture the visual element that was lost entirely with the North Point publication of Leslie's "first book" Considering how exaggerated music is.

Next up: additional rare print objects and ephemera including Leslie's ABACUS appearance "clarinet part I once heard" (which, to my knowledge, never appeared elsewhere) and broadsides she designed and printed herself with the help of Alastair Johnston and co.

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  1. Thanks for posting these, yes, heard they were uploaded. Stimulus overload.