22 July 2010

Of the many, many, many things going on this weekend...

I'm going to try to do the following:

1. Friday Night: Grouper at the BAM
Grouper Presents SLEEP
Friday, July 23; 7:30 p.m.; Berkeley Art Museum, Gallery B
Doors/Ambient Sounds 6 p.m.
Programmed by David Wilson
Liz Harris (Grouper) contours her sonic craft to the spiraling space of the museum, creating a site-specific composition made up of tape-collage and live instrumentation accompanied by video. Her piece intends to “echo the movement of a downward-pulling current, lulling with the hiss and resonating pulse of watery sound and light.” Harpsichordist Eugene Petrushansky opens the night with pieces of both early music and music of his own improvisation, performing on the harpsichord that he hand-built for himself.

2. Saturday Night: Rob Halpern and David Wolach
Brazil and Larsen's Life Long Dream Come True series
Saturday, July 24; Doors at 7pm
The Compound: 3107 Ellis St. @ Prince, Berkeley, two blocks from Ashby BART
Please try not to act weird at this event! Remember that people like you, and that there's nothing to fear in the company of friends...
3. Sunday Afternoon: David Wolach "The Commons and the Body"
Please join us Sunday, July 25th at 2 PM for the third installment of the Nonsite Collective's summer suite: David Wolach on "The Commons and the Body." Wolach will lead a discussion linking ideas around embodied art practices, the commons, and illness. Through the lens of living with chronic pain, Wolach will draw out the relation(s) between the physico-socially "unfit" body and the aesthetically trans-gressive body. How might the affective and relational capacities of the body inflect our thinking about "the commons"? How can recent discussions on the paradoxes of "ownership," "property," and "architecture" inform how we speak about and treat "the body"? David has posted some preliminary notes and questions here and here. We'll meet promptly at 2:00 pm on Sunday 7/25 at Nicole Hollis Studios to begin the discussion:
935 Natoma Street, San Francisco / between 10th and 11th Streets / and between Mission and Howard  / close to the Civic Center BART Station and the Van Ness MUNI station

4. Sunday Evening: David Brazil and Lindsey Boldt
Zack Tuck and Jackqueline Frost's Condensary Series
July 25th // 604 56th Street (@ Shattuck) // 7:30 Doors
The second event in my favorite new reading series!

Hope to see you at one or at many of these gatherings...

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