29 November 2010

Daniel Davidson

Happy holidays, comrades! Hope you all had a restful weekend... Katja and I just walked in the door after an eight hour (!) marathon drive from Reno (usually a 3-4 hour trip, but Donner Pass was covered in snow) where I made Trader Joe's boxed stuffing (twice!), read Agamben's Profanations (not my favorite, I admit), started writing a short critical piece on Stephen Ratcliffe's Reading the Unseen, watched tons of HGTV, wrote approximately six new lines of a poem I'm tentatively calling Dry Salvage, and installed a new, very cheap car stereo into our vehicle (the volume of which randomly spikes with no warning!). The highlight of my trip, however, was reading Daniel Davidson's Culture slow and steady all weekend long.

Not sure I'm ready to talk about this project in a coherent way, but I can say that I've had a totally visceral reaction to it, and I invite the uninitiated to pick it up pronto. I'm hoping to post reflections on the project here from poets who intimately knew Davidson's work, but in the meantime I invite Disinhibitors to check out the three books reprinted on Krupskaya's website (An Account, Transit, and Desire) NOW (click on the word "culture" halfway down the page). Check it out if you have a moment, and if you'd like to share reflections about Davidson or his work to get us started, please make use of the comment stream below...


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