23 November 2010

Jeff Derksen at Nonsite

Notes from Jeff Derksen's talk on "mega-events" this past Sunday...

The way mega-events alter urban territory; urban events as urban planning

Plan of the city is to somehow enable gentrification

1st mega-event: taking land from natives
2nd mega-event: railroad
3rd mega-event: expo
4th mega-event: Olympics?

Poetry as form of knowledge/research: moments + events tie together (or create?) moments of political possibility

Neoliberalism=dead but dominant // zombie government

Police monitors: city split in affective zones

Olympics + G20= mega-mega event


The processes that produce space...

Call for spatial justice /// right to the city

Poetry as a form of knowledge doesn't have to make poetry

Question of how poetry responds to social exigencies??

I'm not so sure (that is, me: Michael) about the notion of art-as-knowledge...Certainly art is a kind of knowledge, but the idea of art-as-knowledge seems a bit too operative for my comfort...

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