22 November 2010

Yellow Field

I was pleased to find the beautiful new issue of Yellow Field in the post this weekend between running to and from events (more on the weekend's busy-ness to come (I hope...)). Edited and published by Buffalo's Edric Mesmer, a very smart, very kind, and very humble guy whose company I enjoy very much, Yellow Field is the reincarnation of a mag he used to publish somewhat irregularly called Yellow {Edenwald} Field, which, if I remember correctly, had something of a regional focus.

This new issue is numbered 1, and reflects its new lease on life through its stunning production values and new editorial focus, all of which hone in on what I look for in a magazine: large format, generous margins, ample room for contributors and critical investigations. Mesmer writes: "Yellow Field presents a new survey or agitation thereof, as it continues to forefront the established, the emergent, the undersung, in the forum pagination. Taking survey requires a new register of poetic frequency (or voice, or practice), be that by geography, demography, or textual decisiveness and device-veness." As is his wont, Mesmer means it when he addresses the emergent, as Yellow Field is NEVER a survey of the usual suspects...

Tons of good stuff this issue, including contributions from Donna Wyszomierski, Conrad Wells, Rhoda Rosenfeld, Yves Troendle, Jeffrey Vincent, Kate Colby, and a pretty great large block of text from Peter Larkin that runs three 8.5 x 11 pages. Here's a taste (click image for a larger view):

Write Edric a nice note for your copy; also, sounds like he's especially looking for critical reviews for the next issue. You can find him here:

Edric Mesmer 
1217 Delaware Avenue #802
Buffalo, NY 14209
yellowedenwaldfield [AT] Yahoo (DOT) com

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