03 June 2011


While reading Armies of Compassion last night, I was reminded that the centerpiece, AUTOIMMUNITY, is available as a PDF thanks to the folks at Deep Oakland. Originally published by Suzanne Stein's crucial minimalist press TAXT, the chapbook sports interesting textual variations that differ from the version in Armies. Comparing the two makes for an instructive read. Some of my favorite lines include:

lay my body in the hole as surrogate for
product ownership satiety the fertile reserve (I'm dissimulating I'm
faking dead     boobytrapped with     humanism

Click on the arrow in the right-hand corner for full screen:


And if you have some time this weekend, check out the other TAXT editions at Deep Oakland here including David Buuck's "Ruts," Brandon Brown's "Camels!," and Suzanne Stein's own "Tout Va Bien."

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