08 June 2011

Names of the Lion at The Economist

A few weeks back, a writer at The Economist (blogging under the pen-name Samuel Johnson) inexplicably published an article on David Larsen's Names of the Lion, inspiring all kinds of renewed interest in the long-out-of-print chapbook. In the article, the author notes that "The 2009 translation by David Larsen doesn't seem to be available for money and possibly not even for love..." which is totally true, much to the chagrin, apparently, of my indignant email correspondents! I've received any number of emails asking when I plan to reprint it (a few correspondents even pledged to pay for the reissue!), though few seem to understand that printing and binding a book by hand is an entirely different proposition than printing a trade edition! However, in light of the resurgence of interest, I thought to make a PDF available for those genuinely interested in spending some time with the translation. In the not-so-distant future (maybe by the end of the summer?) I hope to make the entire run of Atticus/Finch chapbooks available as ebooks. In the meantime, however, the following PDF will have to do. Click on the arrow in the right-hand corner for full-screen... 


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