13 June 2011

More Notes On Eleni Stecopoulos

Still thinking about Brenda Iijima's statement that "There is a sense that the body has become a listening chamber but is also its own instrumentation. The humming resound of the body as energies precipitate and issue from/and away."

Place this next to the following notes I took from Armies of Compassion and Eleni's somatics questionnaire (don't remember the precise source for much of this, sorry! Took poor notes as I was reading...):

-What enables contemplation renders the body exterior...(Eleni on Jean Luc Nancy?). The body is always sacrificed: Eucharist...

-To be literally "possessed" by words...(I'm thinking here of Brenda's comment: not to possess language, but to be possessed by it...)

-Killing and reviving as a process: "strangled the body so the voice would climax"

-"lay my body in the hole as surrogate for / product ownership" (my body is a hole for product ownership?!)

-Defense against immunity? Tricked into immunity...

-"Boobytrapped by humanism"

-What do we embody when we inhabit our bodies?

Eleni's promised to send selections from her critical project on the poetics of healing for publication here. I've seen some of it, and I'm very, very excited! Keep yr. eyes peeled...

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