15 August 2011

CJ Martin's Cosmetic Practice

Thom Donovan just posted a totally essential Q & A with CJ Martin over at Wild Horses of Fire, wherein Chris says, among many other really astounding things:

"In part, why the term cosmetic appeals to me is that its critical edge highlights the profanity, the complete trashiness, of getting visible---the fucking faith lift is brilliant (as pun) but just completely terrifying (as principle)---dear lord, suck out the fat of my faith, lift it up & stitch me back! Suck out the nation fat (deport it, suppress it), iron any wrinkles & make me look young again. The proximity b/w faith & face is kind of astounding in its obviousness, but as anything more than proximity, I'm not entirely convinced. That interface would necessarily be interfaith is kind of a given after a certain point, but as program it's so UN ('In your faith!', might be more like it, in terms of an encounter in the world)."

Umm. You should probably read the whole thing...Find it here.

And while you're reading this crucial exchange between Chris and Thom, you should listen to Chris read from Two Books at the con/crescent reading series (thanks to con/crescent curators Nicholas DeBoer and Jamie Townsend for preparing this audio file!).

2011.04.02 CJ Martin at con/cresent by Michael Cross

And if you haven't heard this short bit of Chris reading on Dona Stein's "Poetry Radio" program, you should totally spin this while cleaning the house or something:

C.J. Martin reading on Dona Stein's Poetry Radio by Michael Cross

And finally, if you don't have Two Books yet, you need it (them?!). Seriously.

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