10 August 2011


There's a ton of super badass material in the new issue of Sous Les Paves, a "quarterly newsletter of poetry and ideation" lovingly edited by Micah Robbins out in Dallas. If you haven't seen this magazine before, it's probably because this one arrives the old-fashioned way, through the United States Postal Service. And like crucial mail interventions before it, say, like HOW(ever), it offers lots of room for correspondence, commentary, and poetry alike.

There's SO MUCH material here worth talking about: a new William Fuller prose poem, a short poem by John Beer, a piece called "The Gift: Globalism and Globilzation" by Tyrone Williams, some Petrarch translations by Tim Atkins, a really amazing piece by j/j hastain, Mary Burger on Robert Smithson and other stuff, etc. etc. etc. And, in order to help us catch up, Robbins has posted the three previous issues in full online here.

There's also a really interesting Frances Kruk poem here, which I've been reading with interest next to her new Punch Press chapbook. Here it is in full:

a circle comes at night and has
no reason for its borders
as it runs up the wall and leaves
a trail of cracks

from which the ghost
of some frayed politics leaks.
visits your face.
calls you gas.

welcomes you to
the equation
where you have no
fingers to count

and your mouth is force-fit
with a cylinder that cuts
circles into everything.
including the black hole

in the corner of the flat
where tiny social mouths
begin to burn during atmosphere.
pity theories, grey mouths.

or somebody says. so
you wrap it in a shell
of what they used to call brick,
and hair, the quiet

nerve nest. put then
as blood and left
a firework, a displease
to the responsibility of lights.

a Moment of geometry ends
in backdraft.
radius in ash.
supefied charcoal helix.

your face disappears but mouth
spills plasmic chance, the
the mouths bloom wide
[end Kruk!]

To get on the mailing list, send Micah Robbins a note at 3515 Fairview Ave., Dallas, TX 75223 or email: micahjrobbins[at]gmail(dot).com. And if you've never seen Robbins' Interbirth Books, you've got to take a second to educate yourself here!

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