27 October 2011

Haecceities Group Review and Sourcebook

I'm still struggling to express my gratitude to the participants of the massive review and sourcebook of my Haecceities (Cuneiform 2010) just published by Little Red Leaves. A sprawling 76 pages, this project sees some of my most valued contemporariesDavid Brazil, Thom Donovan, Brenda Iijima, C.J. Martin, Kyle Schlesinger, and Jamie Townsendthinking through Haecceities in a series of email exchanges between September 2010 and February 2011. It's available for download as a free ebook here and can also be purchased as a physical book from Lulu here.

I never imagined my writing would earn such attentive, generous readers, and I am forever grateful for their engagement. And as an experiment in collective, community-based thinking, this project is peerless!    

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  1. yeah, checked this out a couple weeks ago. pretty much amazing, as a gesture towards your work and an approach to criticism.