12 October 2011

Recalibrating and Poetry Activities This Week!

Lately, I've chosen sleep over blogging, which is probably not the right decision, I know, but my body's been super slow to recover after that bout of pneumonia. Rather than push through and feel even sicker, I've been pacing my commitments, which means less blogging, sadly; however, I hope to return to a regular schedule, like, starting now! (we'll see!) 

I've been reading Paul Foster Johnson's excellent Portable Press number Study in Pavilions and Safe Rooms, which I hope to think about more concertedly here, and then, any number of other books and projects on the desk to sing about (including Joseph Bradshaw's George Oppen book, which I've been slowly reading, like, all year: reading and putting down, reading and putting down; how to talk about this project?).

In the meantime, while I muster enough energy to pull myself back on the horse, I thought to mention a few of the bazillion super interesting events on the immediate horizon:

* John Taggart is in town this week to make a few rare Bay Area appearances. He'll be at UC Berkeley this Thursday, October 13th to give a reading and lecture (lecture at 4 pm, reading at 6:30 pm // 315 Wheeler Hall, Maude Fife Room, UC Berkeley) which I hope will detail some of the work he's currently undertaking on Robert Duncan, and then he returns to give a reading with the mighty Cecil Giscombe at the Meridian Gallery in SF thanks to the Poetry Center (535 Powell Street, reading at 7:30 pm).

*Small Press Traffic is presenting an early show of Kevin Killian's new play with Karla Milosovich, DANCE WORLD GYM, this Sunday, October 16th at 5:00 pm. While SPT's been trying out new digs at Artist Television Access in the Mission, this event will take place at its tried and true venue, Timkin Hall at California College of the Arts, SF.

*My student, Alex Rieser, a super interesting young poet at USF, will be reading from his new chapbook Emancipator at Troung Tran's house in the Haight on Friday, October 14th at 8 pm (email for directions).

*And then probably other stuff that I'm already forgetting.

I'm looking forward to seeing living bodies out in the world this week...See you at one of these maybe?