13 October 2011

Hanging Quotes

I'm very, very eager to read this one! I received this notice in the mail today from Kyle Schlesinger at Cuneiform Press. Here's the press release:

"Cuneiform Press announces the publication of Hanging Quotes by Alastair Johnston. In this book of interviews with book artists, typographers and poets, Johnston discusses the transition from cast metal to digital type with the prime movers in the field: Matthew Carter, Sumner Stone, & Fred Smeijers; he takes stock of the field of artists' books in wide-ranging conversations with Sandra Kirshenbaum and John & Nathan Lyons, while his ground-breaking interviews with Nicolas Barker, Robert Creeley, Dave Haselwood, Holbrook Teter, Bob Hawley, Walter Hamady, Graham Mackintosh and others shed new light on the history of the book in the 20th century."

This book promises to be totally essential reading, especially the interviews with Teter, Haselwood, and Mackintosh. And I still haven't had the time to read Johnston's "..." which was released on Poltroon last year, but I hope to address both here once Hanging Quotes is in my hands...

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