25 June 2012

Delete Press

Crane Giamo and Jared Schickling are currently producing some of the most beautifully constructed chapbooks around, up there with Aaron Cohick's Newlights Press, Brian Teare's Albion Books, Rich Owen's Punch Press, etc., etc. Their Delete Press imprint has been totally flawless so far, and this new one by Zach Keebaugh is no exception. Crane printed Kevorkian entirely on a Vandercook 4, and then bound this beauty as an accordion with hardbound covers. The fact that these are available for $12 is highway robbery. For real. And there's only 75 copies in the world, so you should probably get one NOW...

This immediately became one of my prized possessions on the chapbook shelf, and I'm very, very excited to report that Delete will be printing the first 100 lines of my poem The Katechon in late summer / early fall. If it looks anything like this, I'll immediately retire from the game to go out on a high note! Buy it here.


  1. thanks for the shout out yr katechon will be the killa vanilla

  2. What up "Felt"! Thanks! I look forward to "The Katechon"