26 June 2012

Gun Spread Butter

Above you'll find some sample spreads from Gun Spread Butter, another massive book object from Crane Giamo, though certainly not massive in size: this little gem is, like, 3 x 3a perfect little hardbound square, featuring all kinds of immaculately produced, fractured material inside. This (and the Delete Press production of Kevorkian) are two of my favorite book objects of the year, no doubt. I don't know what's going on in Tuscaloosa (I think Patrick Masterson lives and works there, too, no?), but it seems like a great place to make books! Pick one up over at Crane's Pocalypstic Editions, a new arm of Delete Press. And check back often: I've been super impressed with everything the Delete crew is up to, including Jared Schickling's flawless Eccolinguistics, which is also out with a new edition...

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