26 September 2012

New Albion Books!

I just received a brand new one from Brian Teare's Albion Books, which is always a great, great pleasure. This one is especially near and dear to my heart, as Larry Eigner is one of my very favorite poets of all time: Jennifer Bartlett's "Anything/has to be easy enough/to get done" is a mini-biographical essay on Eigner, acting as a preview of the full-scale biography she is currently writing. I don't know a ton about Bartlett, besides the fact that she was a co-editor of the recent Beauty is a Verb anthology, but I was very excited to learn that someone is taking on this project. I've also recently learned that Andrew Rippeon is working on a collection of Eigner letters, so it looks like my Collected Eigner will no longer stand alone on the shelves! Check out Jennifer Bartlett's blog here to read an abbreviated chapter from the biography, and support Albion Books by picking up the chapbook here.

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