24 September 2012

Two New Chapbooks: Sara Larsen & Thom Donovan!

Sara Larsen’s Merry Hell was designed and printed by Michael Cross & Stephen Novotny during the second week of September in anticipation of Sara Larsen’s reading with Thom Donovan & Suzanne Stein on September 14, 2012. It was printed from start to finish on the Heidelberg, and features “interpretations” of hand-painted movie posters from Ghana (a secret homage to the work of Leslie Scalapino). It features Larsen's incendiary homage to the women of the Paris Commune (and by extension, the women of the Oakland Commune).

Thom Donovan’s The Hegemon Say was printed in late August for the same reading (organized in his honor). This book is a homage to Theresa Hak Kyung Cha and was designed with her breathtaking book-object Pomegranate Offering in mind. As such, The Hegemon Say comes packaged in individually spray-painted burlap sacks. The book itself was printed from start to finish on the Heidelberg and features a brand new poem by Donovan (his first official publication since The Hole).

Click here to purchase Sara Larsen's Merry Hell for $5 (cheap!) plus $3 shipping (these books must be carefully packaged!).

Click here to purchase Thom Donovan's The Hegemon Say for $5 (did I mention: cheap?!) plus $3 shipping.

Click here to purchase both books for $9 plus $3 shipping!

Thank you for supporting small press poetry publishing!

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