07 September 2012

The Katechon 1-100

It's been a huge week! Ezra Cross was born on 9/2, and then this AMAZING edition of The Katechon (lines 1-100) was announced by Delete Press shortly thereafter. Hard-cover, totally letterpress, printed in an edition of 70 (!!)this book is kind of nuts! Not because I wrote it, but because Jared Schickling and Crane Giamo are making the most interesting books in town: totally beautiful and peerless and without compromise. Seriously, these guys are raising the stakes, sending the rest of us back to the drawing board! When somebody makes you a book like this, you suddenly feel okay dying (or, I guess, I do!) because at least you did something worth looking at, right?! The entire thing was printed letterpress, I will have zero copies, and there are only 70 in the world. Buy one NOW here for only $18 bucks (whaa?!) even if you plan to sell it for a million dollars sometime in the future when folks wake up to the brillance of Delete Press!

Thank you, Crane and Jared! I admit that this is almost more exciting than having a kid!

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