11 March 2014


The first nine stanzas of new work by Greek poet Siarita Kouka, translated by the dynamic duo of Angelos and John Sakkis. John shared this work at the AWP translation reading, and I just missed it as I ran over to the Hilton from my Scalapino panel. The poem's in two parts; twenty stanzas a pop. More than worth tracking down if you have a moment to write John a letter: I'm pretty sure you can get one at Both Both (unless AWP ate them up). Or else write me, I guess, and I'll tell John it's an emergency...

PS. "arotho is a Greek word that translates as 'lying-to,' a nautical term for a ship at sea waiting to port."

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  1. as always thanks for the shout out Michael. copies still available, hit me up at john.sakkis@gmail.com, free until I run out.