14 March 2014

One Year of the Public School (and Hearts Desire this Saturday)!

The Public School is celebrating its first year of incredible talks, readings, and classes thanks to the tireless efforts of its organizers (along with financial contributions from viewers like you!). I was reminded of this milestone when I saw its recent financial statement: with the efforts of just a handful of people (who work very, very hard!), this remarkable collective has provided so much to our community over the past year.

And though we all abhor talking money, this shit's not free. If you're able (and only if you're able), perhaps you'll consider cutting out some afternoon coffees and killing the cable bill or whatever to help support the cause. The Public School does a great job of avoiding the constant funding rhetoric, so it behooves us to remind each other that these things don't happen for free. Please consider joining the effort here, and if you're already a member of the Fab Fifty (or, I guess, the Fab Twenty-Five currently!), don't forget to re-up your bank info using the new direct deposit system. 

And finally, thanks to the Public School, we'll enjoy a badass reading this Saturday at Hearts Desire (with the new semi-spooky mood lighting that I'm proud to have instigated!). This one features the incredible Divya Victor (whose new Les Figues book is really, really great) along with local wunderkinds Carrie Hunter and Ted Rees. See you then?

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