06 April 2011

Joel Felix on William Fuller

I've been reading William Fuller's Hallucination with great relish this week, sort of floating between this new collection and his last book Watchword (both out on Flood) with the intention of writing something here in the coming days. This afternoon I was reminded of Joel Felix's really masterful take on Watchword which Thom Donovan, Kyle Schlesinger, and myself published in the most recent issue of ON: Contemporary Practice. I had the great pleasure of getting to know Joel a bit while living in Seattle, and I'm a particularly outspoken fan of his book Monaural, published by David Pavelich's Answer Tag Press. Anyway, this particular essay gave me a fresh perspective into Fuller's work, which I've been reading consistently since the early O Books publications of byt and The Sugar Borders. I thought to provide the full-text version of Felix's essay here, "The Grounds of Trust in William Fuller's Watchword," as a preface to my own meager offerings later in the week. Click on the arrow in the top-right corner for fullscreen:


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