22 April 2011

Tonight: Mohammad, Koeneke, & Boldt at Macky Hall!

I'm sure most folks are planning to hit this one up, so I'll save my breath, but I wanted to mention that we'll have yet another limited-edition broadside for this reading, manufactured (this time around!) by the one and only Kyle Schlesinger of Cuneiform Press. I won't give too much away, but let's just say that this broadside is the perfect compliment to a nice cold beer and yr. favorite Rodney Koeneke poem! Detail above...

And here's Kyle and his apprentice Alasdair Schlesinger pulling them off at the home press in Austin (too adorable!):

I was about Alasdair's age when Kyle taught me to print! And don't forget: this one's at Macky Hall so you'll have another good reason to visit beautiful and temperate Oakland, California!

Here's the info:
Rodney Koeneke, K. Silem Mohammad, & Lindsey Boldt
Friday April 22, 2011 7:30 p.m.
Macky Hall, CCA
5212 Broadway at College
[directions below]
entrance $8-15/ members and students FREE

Rodney Koeneke is author of the poetry collections Musee Mechanique and Rouge State. A chapbook, Rules for Drinking Forties, appeared in 2009 featuring poems from his new manuscript, Etruria. His work has been anthologized in Bay Poetics and in Flarf: An Anthology of Flarf, forthcoming later this year. He’s read and performed his live film narrations at The Poetry Center at SFSU, the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, the de Young Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Small Press Traffic, the Pacific Film Archive, The Smell, and the Bowery Poetry Club, among others. He lives in Portland, Ore. where he teaches History and blogs mostly about poetry at Modern Americans:www.modampo.blogspot.com.

K. Silem Mohammad is the author of four books of poetry: Deer Head Nation (Tougher Disguises, 2003), A Thousand Devils (Combo Books, 2004), Breathalyzer (Edge Books, 2008), and The Front (Roof Books, 2009). Mohammad edits the journals Abraham Lincoln and West Wind Review, and he is currently working on The Sonnagrams (anagrams of Shakespeare’s sonnets). He is an associate professor of English & Writing at Southern Oregon University.

Lindsey Boldt has recently migrated to the East Bay, does work with Post Apollo Press, runs Summer BFF chapbooks w/ Steve Orth.

Visit Small Press Traffic's website here!

For directions from San Francisco: Take the 80 towards the east bay, merge to the 580E and then merge to the 24-Walnut Creek and then exit Broadway. Make a Right on Broadway and CCA will be about a mile down on your left. Making a left on Clifton will take you to the entrance.

If you’re taking BART, go to the Rockridge station and walk south on College (about 6 blocks) until you hit the merge of College and Broadway. You’ll have to cross Broadway and make a quick left to Clifton and then walk up Clifton to the entrance.

Once you walk on campus, keep following the main road until you get to a Victorian looking building on your right, across from the ceramics building. Macky Hall is on the first floor. Here is the link from the CCA website: http://www.cca.edu/about/directions


  1. the terrible vicissitudes of child labor. seriously, beautiful pics (the same Creeley/Dorn b-side he's got up in the shop on the living room wall of this backwater cage ----- like Cuneiform blesses the house, guards against tax collectors, poetry haters, player haters, building inspectors, real estate agents, ornery neighbors, the Knights of Columbus and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

    hugs ... RO ...

  2. Yeah, yeah! All houses should have a Cueniform Press broadside as a protective talisman!