28 April 2011

One Last Hallucination Post

I didn't get the opportunity to discuss Fuller's shorter poems at great length, but I wanted to at least mention before moving on that some of the most moving poems in the collection are compact stanzas of only a few lines. I thought to post (in full) my three favorite short poems here as a send off to the book. Support Flood (a press with a very clear mission and aesthetic function) and purchase Fuller's last few books (Sadly, Watchword, and now Hallucination) at SPD (don't forget to say hi to Zack or Brent or Clay or John or Laura while you're at it!).


flying limpid
bramble drop

verdant nebbe
or two tartari

startled bright
concrete stair


the state would
gather up
soft tissue
like wildflowers
at the plow
they flew

the leaf
the flake
the filament

TRUST IS THE NAME OF THE FATHERI found myself informing the court that these particular shoes were actually alive. That night voices puckered the wall. I reached inside my throat and felt for scars.

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