27 April 2011


Another totally amazing issue of Dan Thomas-Glass's WITH + STAND, one of the few magazines I consistently read cover to cover. The line-up in this one is kind of stunning, featuring almost all of my favorite people, so I'm sure I'll be savoring it for weeks. Hope to post segments of favorite pieces as I make my way through...

Here's the roster:

Sam Lohmann
Cassandra Smith
Lauren Levin
Jackqueline Frost
Barry Schwabsky
David Brazil
Carol Szymanski
Donna Stonecipher
Erin Wilson
Lars Palm
Fred Moten
Derek Pollard
Monica Peck
Jennifer Karmin & David Emmanuel
Matt Logabucco
Brian Ang
Tyler Flynn Dorholt
Erica Lewis
James Yeary
Andrew Rippeon
Steven Karl
Meg Day
Whit Griffin
Thom Donovan
Jen Hofer
Rodrigo Toscano
Suzanne Stein
Jamey Jones
Thomas Mowe
Evan Calder Williams
Caroline Knapp
Dan Thomas-Glass
Josef Kaplan
Barbara Claire Freeman
Kristin Palm
Bhanu Kapil
Caleb Puckett
Seth Forrest
David Abel
Stephen Collis
Lara Durback

Included on the TOC is the following note about organization: "The order of poets in this issue was determined based on the following chance operation: each poet was randomly assigned to a US state; poets were then reordered based on state levels of radiation fallout from nuclear testing."

Get a copy here.

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